New South Wales (Australia)

One of the most vibrant and renowned cities, impressive natural treasures and very large unspoilt beaches are found in the New South Wales. While in South Wales, one could choose to visit the ancient burial site located in Mungo National Park, hike on the Snowy Mountains, dive and hike ride on the Lord Howe Island, watch as dolphins play in the waters of the Jervis Bay or Morees naturally occurring artesian Spas.

The Snowy Mountains

Snowy MountainsOne could climb Mt. Kosciuszko which is the tallest peak in Australia or reach the highest slopes found at Charlotte Pass. At the peak of the mountain, there is a Biosphere Reserve owned by the UNESCO and has about twenty plant species that has not been found anywhere around the globe. You could also choose to carve up snow at the Perisher Blue and Thredbo fields. Go hiking, horse riding, four wheel driving, kayaking, crafting, caving and cycling on the plains coated by wildflowers and the streams filled with trout. This is an ideal spot for one to engage in unending outdoor activities whichever the season.

The Outback

OutbackThis is the most ancient burial site found at the Mungo National park within the Willandra Lakes World Heritage Area. One could meet the strange locals in Lightning Ridge as well as visit black opal mining areas. Experience an oasis of lakes, desert landscapes near Broken Hill, initially known as Silver City. Ensure you do not miss the horizons, history and characters of the outback in South Wales.

Lord Howe Island

Walk along the sandy beaches, through the native forests and trek to the topmost point of Mt. Gower. The world’s coral reef, found on the southern part, has temperate waters ideal for diving and snorkeling. The waters are also protected. There are about 50 sites teemed with green turtles, colorful coral and fish. Bicycles are mostly used when traveling around the area and there’s no available phone reception.

Whatever you choose to do in New South Wales will be worth your time and you will not regret it.

5 Things to Do When Vacationing in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the city of angels. It’s also a city filled with celebrities, mansions, movie sets, and a variety of fun things to do and see. If you have never been lucky enough to visit LA, now is the time to do so.

Because there are a variety of attractions and destinations in Los Angeles, many people don’t know where to start when planning their trip. They also have a hard time deciding what exactly is a “must-see” when visiting the city of angels.

But have no fear. If you are planning on vacationing in style, the following are five things to do when vacationing in Los Angeles.

1. Stay in a luxury villa.

Every vacation you go on likely includes your typical hotel. But when you’re vacationing to an area that numerous celebrities call home, it’s time to bump your lodging up a notch. Ditch the Holiday Inn and instead opt to rent a luxury villa for the duration of your stay with LUXPADS in Los Angeles. Not only will you have your choice of private pool, ocean view, spacious condo, or multi-million dollar mansion, but you will certainly create a memory you will never forget. Don’t just hope to see some celebrities when in Los Angeles—act like one.

2. Visit Rodeo Drive.

Rodeo Drive is not just a tourist attraction—it’s a completely different way of life. Even if you only do some window shopping, Rodeo Drive is filled with shops and attractions you will want to see for yourself. Visit the designer stores that your favorite celebrities shop at regularly. Hey, you may even be lucky enough to see one while you’re there.

3. Check out Disneyland.

Even if you’re not visiting Los Angeles with kids, Disneyland is a must-visit when in LA. Although it does have a few of the same rides and attractions as Disney World in Florida, it does have some unique items you won’t find at the sister destination. Plus, Disneyland is actually much smaller, so you can get away with checking out the entire place AND going on all the rides and attractions in just one day, allowing you to visit Mickey Mouse and still partake in the other attractions Los Angeles has to offer.

4. Educate the artist in you.

Los Angeles is not just filled with talented actors; it’s also filled with talented artists. If you have some creativity of your own, or if you’re simply an art fan, be sure to check out The Getty Center, which boasts collections from the Renaissance through present day. You can also check out the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) as well as the Watts Towers.

5. Hit the beach.

Los Angeles is also known for its surfing and beach babes, so be sure to get some sand in your toes while you’re there. Even if you’re not a big surfer or beach bum, Venice Beach is a great place to simply enjoy and people watch. There are also some great diners and small shops too, so you don’t even have to go in the water if you don’t want to. Just be sure to bring your sunscreen either way.

Luxury Private Island Resort in Australia

One&Only Hayman Island

luxury private island resortCovered with sense of beauty, luxury private island resort located in the Great Barrier Reef came into existence after the one, and only deal of an Australian $80 million dollar investment. Nonetheless, visitors are sure to discover new suite accommodation, restaurants, and redesigned spaces. If you are looking for family and new adult experiences, the luxury private island resort is sure to offer without any hesitation.

Hayman Wing - Lagoon Room

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For visitors willing to go on adventure, the one and only Hayman Island is the place to be. Stylish elegance unleashes the harmony of nature within the private island resort. Enjoy The Best Quality Service Of Luxury Private Island Resort!


Sydney to Brisbane – My Favorite Legendary Pacific Coast Drive


The Legendary Pacific Coast is one of the most popular tourism drives stretching about 900 KMs from Sydney to Brisbane along the Pacific Coast. For almost every backpacker visiting Australia, it is worth buying or renting a vehicle, and spend some good money on exploring the coastal bushlands, rolling green hills, spectacular beaches, experiencing local people, visit beach communities, and surf incredible waves.

I, and some of my friends spent around 6 weeks campaign along the Legendary Pacific Coast from Woy Woy to Byron Bay. It gave us a chance to see a lot more of this exceptional Australian region. In this post, I’ve pointed out some highlights along the Pacific Coast Drive, and places worth spending your time.

Central Coast

This place is just an hour from Sydney. Unfortunately, most tourists keep driving on the freeway, and don’t visit this beautiful region. If you visit this place, you will be mesmerized by the beauty of Bouddi National Park. The sandstone cliffs create exceptional coastal views.

The place also provides great opportunities for beach camping and hikes. If you want something quieter, you can visit MAcMasters Beach. We spent most of our time in Terrigal, the upmarket and trendy beach area.


Newcastle / Port Stephens / Hunter Valley

I consider myself fortunate to get a chance to explore this region. Port Stephens was a dream come true with beautiful beaches, incredible fishing and snorkeling opportunities, driving lessons, dolphin and whale watching, and more. The main town in the region is Nelsons Bay. I have always loved wines. Thus, visiting Hunter Valley was a great choice. While you’re here, try not to miss the Hot Air balloon ride, and a delicious lunch at the Harrigan’s restaurant.


Port Macquarie

Sitting beside the Hastings River, Port Macquarie is an unspoilt and vibrant town. The spectacular coastline makes this place perfect to spend some quiet days. I just fell in love with the coastal ambiance. Rent a car at Sydney Airport and visit this place anytime of the year include gorgeous National Parks, calm waterways, beautiful beaches, bountiful fishing and more.


Coffs Harbour

If you’re driving straight from Sydney to Queensland, Coffs Harbour will be a good halfway resting point. With the rolling green hills, you will love this stretch. We set camp north of Coffs near the Emerald Beach. In this place, you will notice Goannas roaming freely. Thus, if you’re scared of lizards, be prepared for some unrest.



A lot of tourists consider Yamba to be the best town in Australia. It is located near the Clarence River. This place has exceptional beaches for swimming. Near the Shelley’s Beach, you can walk through the National Park, and enjoy the beauty of nature. We took our time on the walk, and returned after almost 4 hours. This places gives beautiful views of the Coastline. Just a short drive away is located Angourie. It was the first surfing reserve in Australia.


Lennox Head

Lennox Head has the reputation of being among the Top 10 surfing breaks down under. Most surfers consider it to be the “Mecca” of surfing. It is a funky and laid back place with numerous cafes, restaurants and boutiques.


Byron Bay

Byron Bay has been famous for its surf, sheltered beaches and laid back lifestyle. We took a coastal cliff walk to reach the Cape Byron Lighthouse. It is the furthest Eastern point of Australia. When you visit this place, make sure you don’t miss Nimbin. It’s a hippie enclave famous of its exquisite lifestyle. It can open your mind about some exceptional alternative lifestyle trends. We also spent an hour at the Hemp Museum. The locals will present multiple offers to buy home grown weed.



My journey ended with our last destination, Coolangatta. It is the gateway to Queensland and the Gold Coast. For many years, I had wanted to visit the place. Never did I imagine that it would be on a 900 KMs road trip with some of the best friends in my life. Coolangatta offers everything you expect from a beach community.


It has world class surfing breaks, beautiful beaches, chilled out lifestyle, cafes and restaurants, warm climate, access to theme parks and more. For the perfect Gold Coast experience, choosing this place as your last stop will be perfect. You might even want to extend your trip for a few more days, and enjoy everything that Coolangatta offers. I had always wanted a road trip, but never thought that it would be such a perfect experience.

Restaurants in Prague



Prague has a lot to offer, from beautiful monuments, to hidden cobble stoned streets, all the way to its traditional Czech cuisine. An infinite number of restaurants can be found all around the city, but some are worth the extra search. Here is a list of five interestingly different restaurants in Prague, which offer you their beloved local cuisine, but with a little something extra if you’re looking for something more than the ordinary goulash.


Kampa Park Restaurant

Kampa Park Restaurant is located on the beautiful Kampa Island, in the middle of Vltava River between the Old and New Towns. The restaurant offers a beautiful view on the park gardens and on Charles Bridge. It is one of Prague’s finest restaurants and provides a fine dining experience of Czech food paired with over 150 different wines. According to the time of day, season and weather conditions of your booking, you will be allocated the best table possible with the finest views.


Duplex Restaurant

Known as the huge glass box of Prague, Duplex is located on the top of one of the city’s tallest buildings, offering a 360 degree view. It is one of Prague’s most exclusive restaurant/clubs. The ‘box’ is located in the center of Wenceslas Square and features a large terrace, which together with the particularity of the restaurant itself, attracts all sorts of clients, including Mick Jagger, who celebrated his 60th birthday there.


Bellevue restaurant

Bellevue Restaurant combines European and Czech cuisine to create a perfect fine dining experience. The view of the Prague Castle from the tables adds to the magic of the restaurant and its dishes. In the summer you can enjoy an evening out on the terrace drinking wine and listening to the subtle murmur of the Vltava River flowing in the background. Try the goat cheese salad and the cod filet on a bed of tagliatelle and vegetables with a champagne sauce.


Lvi Dvur restaurant

Lvi Dvur (or Lion’s Court) Restaurant is located in the Royal Gardens of Prague Castle. Until the 18th century, Lion’s Court was used as a place to breed wild animals such as lions and bears. When animal breeding declined and the last bear departed, the location was converted into a restaurant. When Prague Castle was later opened to the public, the restaurant was restored multiple times until the final adaptation in 1999 brought it to its current form. Lion’s Court is a tavern style restaurant that offers many of the traditional Czech dishes, as well as the pub menu and a long list of delicious wines.




La Degustation Boheme Bourgeoise

La Degustation Boheme Bourgeoise Restaurant offers traditional Czech cuisine with a modern twist. It has a different philosophy about food: food is an extraordinary experience. That is why they cook small meals that arouse all the senses. Curiosity is followed by centered perception and the feeling of unsated appetite, and then comes the craving for more. And to add to the perfection, each small dish is paired with a small taster drink, from wine to beer to fruit juices, depending on what you are savoring at that precise moment.


Guest post from Dalila Ercolani (@iamQuattromani), a writer for Eating Prague Tours — a new food and travel guide to the culinary scene in Prague. If you’re looking for interesting things to do, or Prague tourism tips, check out their travel guide!

South Australia – What to Visit

There is so much to visit in South Australia – it has a tremendously desirable climate and so much potential for growth and adventure as well as relaxation and solitude. Barossa Valley Hotels and Adelaide Hotels offer the luxury and sensual comfort that will make your trip to South Australia a dream come true! Giving the joyful gift of a magnificent experience such as this is sure to bond one traveler to another forever as they embark on this golden journey.

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Sunshine Coast Accomodations

The Sunshine Coast boasts some of the most beautiful natural beach and rainforest habitat accessible to the leisure traveler. Long admired for its beaches and weather, the Sunshine Coast is growing in popularity with the eco-tourism movement while maintaining its natural integrity. Each of the three areas in the Sunset Coast region offers its own charm and allure.

Sunshine Coast hotels are as varied as the activities available in the area, and travelers will also be drawn to accomodations in Caloundra and Mooloolaba.

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Paris, The Best Destination

travel to ParisParis known for its various attractions ranging from culture, outdoor activities, restaurants, shopping and nights out. There are hundreds of places you can visit, and it will take you a lot of time before you say you have fully explored Paris.
One of the most notable landmarks in Europe is the Eiffel Tower. It’s the most common symbol of Paris, and you can’t visit Paris without going to the Eiffel Tower. Other historical buildings include;
-Arce de Triomphe which commemorates victories of Emperor Napoleon
-Notre Dame Cathedral one of the first Gothic cathedrals built.
-Louvre Museum, one of the most famous museums in the world
If you are not a lover of historical attractions, then there are lots of fun activities you can do. You can have a picnic in any of the parks in Paris and dine in any of the restaurants.
Paris is also known for fashion trends and you can shop around the various beauty and fashion stores.
Next time you are looking for an holiday destination, Paris is your safe bet. (review by Norman)

Corsica Island

Corsica Island

Travel Positive Review On Corsica Island

Most people understand the pleasure of traveling and in one or two ways everyone wishes to travel to a far place before they die. Traveling to scenic places is very interesting and those who have had a chance to climb Corsica can bear me witness. Corsica is also referred as the mountain situated in the sea. It is in France and has the best landscape fit for adventuring during vacations. The icy and rocky scrambles take less than an hour from the warm sea waters makes climbing an interesting activity.

The warm sea waters laps the shores of the island and comes with a breeze causing a cooling effect. You get to climb series of rocks from the weathered granite rock to limestone rocks. One can take any route as there are multi-route pitches of up to 300 meters with a lot of bouldering areas. The area generally has an alpine landscape and peak of up to 2000 meters from the sea. The site is generally the best adventurous place to be and you will always have the best positive review about the scene. (posted by Nick)

neka gold coast slika1

5 Top Things To Do In Gold Coast with a family

You may have decided to fly out to Gold Coast with your family in the coming holiday. Your decision to come to this vacation paradise is indeed wise considering the many adventurous things that you can do.

Traveling with the children is highly beneficial for them as they will get exposed to new experiences and will certainly grow as human beings as a result, and you will get to bond and get to know each other in a new setting. Here are top things to do in Gold Coast with your family.

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