5 things you may not know about Orlando, Florida

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1.We actually get cold weather

Believe it or not the sunshine state gets cold! If there is any type of cold weather along the east coast you can almost guarantee that Orlando, Florida will get some of that too. True, most of the time people will be wearing shorts at Christmas, but on occasion there will be a cold front that brings the spirit back. If you watch the Orlando news report you can find out day to day what the weather will be like.

Just know that you may not be able to get “away from the cold” just because you come to Orlando, Florida. There is an upside though because even though it’s cold it’s also, usually, beautiful. The sun will shine and the sky will be blue. If you’re coming for vacation you want perfect, warm weather. But, be forewarned, that isn’t always the case.

2.Disney World isn’t really in Orlando, Florida.

Believe it or not the “Happiest place on Earth” isn’t even located in Orlando, Florida. What’s that you say? That’s right The thing Orlando is known for the most isn’t really a part of Orlando. It’s actually located in Kissimmee, Florida or, as the locals knows it, Lake Buena Vista. How Orlando, Florida got the credit for it I’m not really sure. Maybe because everyone that comes here calls Kissimmee; Kiss-em-ee. That’s a dead giveaway that you are a tourist. Ha ha.

3.Orlando, Florida doesn’t get hit by hurricanes very often.

If you watch the news during hurricane season you may think that Orlando, Florida gets pounded by hurricanes every year. The truth is most of the storms start off in a path that looks like it may hit Florida and then veer off and usually hit the upper east coast.

If I were a tourist I would be more cautious of going to North or South Carolina because it’s their coasts that get pounded almost every year. Orlando, Florida is so far inland that even if we do get a storm it’s normally not a major hurricane. Once the storm hits land it normally weakens. True, if a storm hits it’s likely to cause damage. But most of the damage comes from falling tree limbs and old shingles being torn off roofs.

If you watch any Orlando news reports they will have you believing the world is going to end. Be assured that the storms are few and far between.

4.It’s not as tropical as you may think.

Here’s a little Orlando news for you. True, there are tons of Florida beaches to choose from if you are visiting Orlando, Florida. Some as little as 45 minutes away. But, Orlando itself is not very tropical. In fact the only water around Orlando comes in the form of fresh water lakes. There’re everywhere! There are palm trees and other tropical flowers but for the most part Orlando, Florida is nothing special. There are nice pockets of good looking areas but not all of Orlando is nice. But that can be said about any place.

5.Getting around Orlando, Florida can be a hassle

Remember those fresh water lakes mentioned earlier? They are pretty to look but they do cause a lot of issues when it comes to the roads. While most major cities have a grid system, which makes sense, Orlando just isn’t like that. There are a lot of streets that start out as one name. Then change to a completely different name. Then sometimes it will go back to the original name.

Some streets are like that because they have been added on over time but it can get confusing. I’d have a hard time finding my way home if the moved the McDonald’s so I’m sure that for non-locals this can become very frustrating. If you plan to navigate the streets of Orlando, Florida just make sure you have a really good GPS.

So those are the five things you may not know about Orlando, Florida. So now you can come here and live like a local.
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