5 Things to Do When Vacationing in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the city of angels. It’s also a city filled with celebrities, mansions, movie sets, and a variety of fun things to do and see. If you have never been lucky enough to visit LA, now is the time to do so.

Because there are a variety of attractions and destinations in Los Angeles, many people don’t know where to start when planning their trip. They also have a hard time deciding what exactly is a “must-see” when visiting the city of angels.

But have no fear. If you are planning on vacationing in style, the following are five things to do when vacationing in Los Angeles.

1. Stay in a luxury villa.

Every vacation you go on likely includes your typical hotel. But when you’re vacationing to an area that numerous celebrities call home, it’s time to bump your lodging up a notch. Ditch the Holiday Inn and instead opt to rent a luxury villa for the duration of your stay with LUXPADS in Los Angeles. Not only will you have your choice of private pool, ocean view, spacious condo, or multi-million dollar mansion, but you will certainly create a memory you will never forget. Don’t just hope to see some celebrities when in Los Angeles—act like one.

2. Visit Rodeo Drive.

Rodeo Drive is not just a tourist attraction—it’s a completely different way of life. Even if you only do some window shopping, Rodeo Drive is filled with shops and attractions you will want to see for yourself. Visit the designer stores that your favorite celebrities shop at regularly. Hey, you may even be lucky enough to see one while you’re there.

3. Check out Disneyland.

Even if you’re not visiting Los Angeles with kids, Disneyland is a must-visit when in LA. Although it does have a few of the same rides and attractions as Disney World in Florida, it does have some unique items you won’t find at the sister destination. Plus, Disneyland is actually much smaller, so you can get away with checking out the entire place AND going on all the rides and attractions in just one day, allowing you to visit Mickey Mouse and still partake in the other attractions Los Angeles has to offer.

4. Educate the artist in you.

Los Angeles is not just filled with talented actors; it’s also filled with talented artists. If you have some creativity of your own, or if you’re simply an art fan, be sure to check out The Getty Center, which boasts collections from the Renaissance through present day. You can also check out the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) as well as the Watts Towers.

5. Hit the beach.

Los Angeles is also known for its surfing and beach babes, so be sure to get some sand in your toes while you’re there. Even if you’re not a big surfer or beach bum, Venice Beach is a great place to simply enjoy and people watch. There are also some great diners and small shops too, so you don’t even have to go in the water if you don’t want to. Just be sure to bring your sunscreen either way.

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