5 Top Things To Do In Gold Coast with a family

You may have decided to fly out to Gold Coast with your family in the coming holiday. Your decision to come to this vacation paradise is indeed wise considering the many adventurous things that you can do.

Traveling with the children is highly beneficial for them as they will get exposed to new experiences and will certainly grow as human beings as a result, and you will get to bond and get to know each other in a new setting. Here are top things to do in Gold Coast with your family.

1. Walking the Burleigh Hill

There is a national park located in Burleigh Hill. Walking around Burleigh Hill you and your family will get to see different wild animals living in the hillside. There are also a lot of plant species and beautiful landscapes that you can really enjoy seeing.

Your children will get to increase their knowledge of different flora and fauna. Although the children will likely be more excited after they have had an opportunity to see animals which they may have never seen before, except on TV.

2. Hot air baloon ride

A hot air baloon ride is an experience that will allow you to experience Gold Coast from well above ground. The mere look down will surely boost your adrenaline and will possibly make this the most memorable experience of the holiday.

3. Having picturesque picnics

While in the Gold Coast you can visit different beaches and hinterlands where you can have a wonderful family oriented picnic during which you can both get some food inside your tummies and some good rest.

You can choose a picnic spot with or without BBQs. Currumbin Valley Rock Pool offers beautiful nature, a BBQ and toilets, which is always useful, especially when children are very young.

If you have never experienced it before it can be really an interesting adventure. There are features like the hills that you can have clear look at while above the ground. Having hot air ballooning can really enable you achieve greatly.

4. Enjoying different seafood based meals

Sea food is highly enjoyed in Australia. It is no wonder since most of the cities are placed next to the see. You can have a look at a variety of amazing sea foods offered in the Gold Coast restaurants, but please be advised to take and have a look at the review of the restaurant before you go to have a meal in it. This is necessary because there are many types of sea food found that can easily cause you trouble if they are not prepared in exactly the right way.

5. Visiting the famous Q1

Q1 Resort and Spa is one of the tallest towers used for residential purposes in the Gold coast, and also one of the biggest tourist attractions in Gold Coast.

You can get an opportunity to interact with other tourists from different places all over the world. Even if you like seeing tall buildings in the world visiting this place will still amaze you. The architecture used in raising up the building is one of the most interesting stories you will enjoy hearing about.

The best thing about Q1 is that, while you are already there, you can enjoy a relaxing spa day or take a look at the view from the top (of the world).