Backpacker Hostel Brisbane


My friends and I took a backpacking trip across Australia. We had an amazing time, but I think my favorite experience was staying at the Backpacker Hostel Brisbane. The nightlife there was the best in Australia. If I ever get to come back, I am definitely staying at this hostel again.

The bar at the hostel had great drink specials, and the restaurant had cheap, good food. The bar also had a lot of fun competitions where you could win some pretty sweet prizes, like free trips. These games and prizes encouraged guests to stay at the hostel bar instead of going to other places.

New South Wales is just around the corner from Brisbane, right? Well now :) But you should consider visiting Robertson ( This is a nice little place, you’ll see…I have been to other hostels with bars, but they usually were pretty quiet. Backpackers want to go where the action is. The hostel bar even had a twister competition. If you have never played twister after having a few drinks, I highly recommend trying it. We had a blast. There was also a big screen tv in the bar, so people who wanted to watch the game did not need to leave their hostel in order to find a sports bar. You really never had to leave the hostel unless you want to do some sightseeing.

There was more to do than just party. After rolling out of bed at the crack of noon every day, we took advantage of the hostel’s sport equipment. I really appreciated that the hostel did not have a lock-out period. After a long night of partying, it can be a total pain to try and get up and out of your room early in the morning. Some of my friends needed to recover from their nights of partying. They found that the hostel’s pool was the perfect place to relax and get ready for another wild night.

When I persuaded my friends to leave the hostel for an afternoon, there was a lot of sightseeing to do in Brisbane. The koala sanctuary was amazing, as was Portside Warf. I really appreciated how close to area attractions the hostel was. It was right in the center of everything.

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