Abducted by Skydiving Clowns: A Legendary Experience

The focus of Heineken’s Dropped campaign is adventure, of an unexpected kind. Dropped Poland features Clint, a graphic designer from South Africa. He seems like a pretty normal guy, with a big smile and and careless dark hair. He has no idea what he’s in for.

When the adventure begins, Clint is surrounded by clowns, in full makeup and clown jumpsuits. At this point, though, Clint is blindfolded, so he doesn’t know who is guiding him. He is still blindfolded when the clowns lead him onto a small plane and the whole group of them takes off from the ground. It has to be unnerving for Clint, riding in a prop plane blindfolded, presumably unaware of the plan.

The clowns remove the blindfold and Clint is surprised to see them, but he does not seem shocked to see everyone strapping on parachutes. Even blindfolded, it wouldn’t be too difficult to deduce that you were going skydiving when you signed up for an undisclosed adventure and find yourself riding in a scary little airplane (scary little airplanes have a unique feel; they can easily be identified, even while blindfolded). Clint seems relatively collected considering how surreal the situation must have been.

But when the clowns open the jump door, Clint is visibly nervous. One by one, the clowns leap from the plane, laughing maniacally, as the once-smiling graphic designer is strapped to his tandem partner. If it was surreal before, the experience through Clint’s eyes must at this point cause the lines of reality to blur. Skydiving alone, especially the moment at which the jump door is approached, is enough to set emotions spinning. Being surrounded by strangers in clown makeup cannot make the experience any easier to comprehend. Clint the South African graphic designer releases a shout and leaps through the jump door of a scary little airplane, strapped to a clown.

His Heineken Dropped adventure has only just begun.