The best of Croatia

Croatia is a small corner of paradise on earth. If you have been thinking where to go during the vacation then this should be your first option. This nation boasts of many tourist attractions that will make you to keep going back whenever you have a holiday. Here is a simple guide to Croatia for beginners.

Krka National Park

Your trip to Croatia will be incomplete if you do not tour this park. Situated in Central Dalmatia, the national park boasts of historic sites, natural sceneries and wildlife. The park has become a darling to travelers because of the natural pools and well maintained walkways. Individuals who love swimming will find this place more entertaining than any other part of the world. If you have been wondering where to take the woman after your heart during the next vacation then you should book a flight to Croatia and ensure that you reach this park.


Zagreb is filled with modern as well as historic attractions that will impress you. This city is located in the North Western part of the nation making it accessible, thanks to the good road network. It has been divided into the Upper and Lower Town. While there, you will walk along the cobblestone streets as you see medieval towers and churches. The beauty and serenity of this part of the world make it worth visiting even once in a lifetime.


This town is the birth place of Marco Polo. Located off the Adriatic Coast, the island is 50km long and has a wide range of attractions that you are not likely to find in any other part of this universe. The colorful market, tourists’ facilities and architecture are among the things that distinguish it from other islands in this nation.


Pula is located in the Southern strip of the Adriatic sea. The destination has been attracting tourists as early as during the Roman times. During those fans could flock different theaters in this place in order to watch gladiator flights. It also has a mix of various cultures and Roman ruins that make it ideal for travelers


The list of things you can do in Zadar is endless. While there, you will not experience any form of boredom because there is something for everyone. The 3000 years old city has plenty to offer to travelers. You can tour this region throughout the year depending on your preference. There is a chain of beautiful sandy beaches where you can enjoy bathing among other activities.


The area is made up of 20 islands located on small peninsula. Narrow streets, arches and stairways are among the things that defined this place. It also has art galleries and shops where you buy different items without paying through your nose at the end of the day.

In conclusion, Croatia is a wonderful tourist destination. Before booking a flight to this nation, ensure that you check some of the best places where you can have fun. There are a number of things that you can do in Croatia including shopping, swimming, fishing and clubbing among others.